Taking back Control

Early in 2016, post the appointment of three Finance Ministers in three days, all the signals pointed to a severe economic decline. Consumers were about to be hit hard.

We designed a process designed around women, aged 35 to 50 with good incomes. We have learned over many years that this market asserts high influence in financial and other household decisions.
Through a series of ten coffee conversations with small groups of friends, we deepened and affirmed many dynamics. These influencers have the knowledge, determination and strength to assume control over short and longer term financial goals.

We learned about strategies to manage money; the rationale behind decisions, be they decisions to change or not to change. How they are preparing for the oncoming economic storm.

Value Experienced is key. When value is deeply experienced, there is conviction and comfort in decisions made.

Women are taking back control of their finances and lives. Value experienced, time and again, earns their loyalty and respect.