Power of Purpose

Compassion is not a word usually associated with financial services. For Clientele, it is at the heart of everything they do.

Firstly, Clientele leadership wanted to know more about their clients and prospects. We found out how their market lives, what they value, how they juggle money and payments. What they think about insurance companies. Where Clientele fits in their mind-space.

These insights led to a time of facilitated introspection. The business was going well, revenues, profits and dividends rose, year after year. Products met the need and were affordable. While the brand was trusted, it felt cold to respondents, and not well defined.

Some clients would order a new set of ads. Clientele agreed to look inside first. What was lacking? While the leadership was proud of its track record, the team was driven by more than money. “We want to make a difference, a real difference” was the consensus.

The search for purpose found focus in these words:
Safeguarding your world… with compassion

Understanding their world becomes a mandatory. Compassion is at the heart of the difference Clientele can make. We studied what compassion meant, from the writings of Lao-Tzu, 2 500 years ago, to Nelson Mandela. We figured out what it would mean to a call centre agent.

Clientele now have put their purpose and vision to work.

At Clientèle we are trying harder to understand our target market’s needs and wants and to be efficient, effective, caring and compassionate. We are trying to live our values to achieve both our purpose and our vision and to make a positive difference in South Africa.

Chairman’s statement, Clientele Integrated Annual Report, 2017

Our campaign aimed at Treating Clients Well at every touch-point within the Group has influenced all levels of staff and management. We believe that this is an essential step towards us fulfilling our brand purpose (“Safeguarding your world... with compassion”) and fulfilling our vision (“To be South Africa’s most reliable and valued financial services partner”).

Group Managing Director’s Report, Clientele Integrated Annual Report, 2017

Revenues, profits & dividends have more than doubled in the past six years. While a shared sense of meaning, for employees and policy-holders, continues to grow.

The entire management team have bought into the purpose which means that most decisions are made with this in mind. It also helps as a True North when we lose direction.