One of the biggest social themes to come out of Covid-19 during the last few weeks is people baking bread. Social media was suddenly flooded with images and recipes resulting in global supermarkets beginning to run out of yeast due to high demand.

I, myself have never baked bread before, never even owned measuring cups...but there I was too, my kitchen transformed into a bakery, loaves and loaves of hot, fluffy, plaited bread emerging like magic onto my countertops… which got me thinking.. What is this bread baking all about?

Is it the need to feel like we have a purpose to our days, the wish to share the wins with our friends and family or that in times of great change, it feels rather satisfying to challenge ourselves by trying something new, with the hope that it will actually work, but with no unrealistic expectations in case it doesn't, and to hold the grounded understanding that at least we have tried to birth a new idea.

Recently we collaborated with Workshop17, the leaders in flexible workspaces in South Africa, with the idea to co-build their online community platform Overnight their seven locations shut down for over a month, leaving their members and staff without a clear direction, a place to call their own. We acted fast, by innovating with their teams, and responded to the need for their communities to feel connected again even while they were apart. We included categories like remote co-working tools and tricks, a monthly events calendar, weekly exercise classes and yes, recipes.

Is the platform perfect? No, not yet, but what it has done is started a participation fueled tool that is built for the community, by the community and is flexible enough to change and grow, as the community's needs evolve, 24.7.

The time has come for all of us to get out of our analysis paralysis and be more practical, get to know this weird new world by taking a small step or a big step into the unknown and begin to birth new ideas. Maybe they will work straight away, maybe they won’t, maybe you will need to think more flexibly, but what is sure is that through small actions, come big learnings, and the only time we have to start is right now.

And whether you’re baking bread, or breaking new ground, we’re here to help.

Danielle Ehrlich
Danielle stimulates and guides co-creative leaps for brands and places